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Technical Specifications

Venue capacities


  • (Maximum licenced capacity 800)
  • Standing general admission: 800
  • Theatre seating: 750-790*
  • Cabaret seating: 300-380* (plus 179 fixed seats in gallery).

*Recommended maximum capacities may decease on depth of stage used and sight lines.

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The stage

  • Total stage area: 16.2m wide x 14.4m deep
  • Proscenium: 8.97m wide x 5.4m high
  • Recommended performance area: 9m wide x 7.5m deep
  • Thrust stage: 10m wide x 2.4m deep
  • Stage surface: masonite (matt black)
  • Stage rake: 345mm over 14,400mm
  • Stage height: 1.25m from auditorium floor
  • Grid: 11m high.

Stage drapes: FOH drape (fire curtain)

  • 1 x pair claret velour curtains, 50% fullness, 6m x 5.5m drop
  • Electronically operated horizontally from prompt side
  • 2 x pairs black velvet legs, 50% fullness, 2m x 5.7m drop
  • 1 x pair black velvet legs, 50% fullness, 2m x 7m drop
      • 3 x pairs black velvet borders, 50% fullness, 12m x 1.8m drop.


      • 1 x pair black velvet curtains, 50% fullness, 6m x 5.5m drop
      • Manually operated horizontally from prompt side.


      • 1 x pair black wool curtains, 6m x 5m drop
      • 1 x cyclorama, 6m x 5m drop.

Hand lines & winches: stage*

    • 5 x pile wind winch lines
      • 3 x designated as lighting bars
      • 2 x designated for tabs
      • 1 x spare.
    • 8 x hemp hand lines (each has 5 discrete hemp ropes)** Not counterweighted
    • 3 x designated for borders
    • 1 x designated for legs
    • 4 x spare

Front of house

  • 4 x pile wind winch lines
  • 4 x designated lighting and projection bars

*All winches are to be operated by NCH technicians or approved qualified theatre flyman only.

** The use of hand lines for any performance must be discussed well in advance with Management and approval granted from the NCH’s preferred Rigger who will be required to be onsite at the cost of the hirer for any rigging work.

The auditorium

  • Auditorium floor: 22.7m wide x 20.2m deep
  • Dance floor: 10m wide x 6m deep + thrust for 2.4m extra depth
  • Gallery/dress circle seating: 179 x fixed chairs*

    *No lift access to the gallery/dress circle.

Dressing rooms

(Under stage)

  • 1 x large assembly room with backstage, auditorium and street access
  • 3 x private change rooms
  • Lights and mirrors                                 
  • Male and female toilets and showers
  • Cast call (2 x Bose 402 speakers)
  • Fridge and kettle
  • Clothing racks
  • Chairs and tables.


Standard Lighting Rig:
  • 6 x Selecon zoom spot medium
  • 24 x 110V par 64
  • 6 x ETC source 4 zoom profile
  • 4 x Selecon pacific zoom
  • 22 x ETC source 4 multipar
  • 6 x Selecon PC wash
  • 4 x kW flood (house lights)
  • 4 x ETC/JANDS 12 channel DMX, 2.4kW dimmer racks.

Lighting Console

LSC Maxim XLP 96 1024 DMX channel console with PaTPad, MIDI, VGA



  • 12 x RCF HDL 20-A line array module (1400 watt peak – 133dB MAX SPL)
  • 4 x RCF HDL18AS line array module (2000 watt peak – 135dB MAX SPL).

Side fill:

  • 2 x RCF HD32a powered speakers.

Front/In fill speakers:

  • 4 x RCF HDL 10-A line array module.

The system has been designed using two clusters of HDL20A arrays with each array including 6 x HDL20A modules and 2 x HDL18AS subs providing a full bandwidth system. For larger concerts, additional subs may be required to provide more low end frequency for live music or DJ’s. These can be arranged by the hall.

4 x HDL10A modules may be spaced evenly across the front of stage for events requiringfront/in fill.

  • 2 x active DI boxes
  • 2 x wireless hand held microphones and stands
  • 2 x SM58 microphones
  • 4 x Pencil condensers
  • 2 x Short boom stands
  • 4 x Tall boom stands
  • Limited cabling.

Talkback communication:

  • Jands master station
  • 4 x Jands belt pack sub stations
  • 4 x Headsets.

Audio Console

  • 1 x Midas M32 digital console
  • 1 x Midas DL32 digital rack
  • 2 x digital Cat5e cores.


  • 2 x spare 32 amp 3 phase outlets (prompt side).


The passenger lift is not to be used for the loading of equipment or goods without approval from Management. Stage is approximately 8.5m from street level. Items that cannot be carried up the stairs may be loaded into the venue via the external cage hoist. All deliveries using the hoist must be carried out before 8.30am or after 5.30pm on the day of hire and only with prior arrangement with Management. Only certified and trained NCH staff may operate the hoist.

  • Cage dimensions: 2m x 1.2m x 1m high
  • Max load: 350kg.

Stage equipment

  • 1 x black Lectrum lectern
  • 1 x pull down projector screen 8’
  • 2 x Pro-Stage rostra units
  • 5 x small stage units – 1240mm x 1240mm, 420mm high
  • 1 x large staging unit
  • 1 x Genie elevated work platform

Available for hire (POA)

  • Piano (Kawai 6’ Grand)                  
  • Projector (8000 lumens) & Cyc            
  • Hazer & Fluid                                  
  • Motorised mirror ball                      
  • Motorola two way radios.       

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